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the 13th Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival 2012

Date:[2012-2-9 11:20:01] Read Times:[5804]
Recruitment Advertisement of Foreign Participating Companies for the 13th Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival 2012

  Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival originated in 2000, which is held in the early October during Chinese National Day every year and has had 12 successful sessions so far. It has also been a pioneer in hosting international musical fireworks festival in Asia, praised as one of the most charming festival celebrations in China by China National Tourism Administration. Every session of  Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival is held 6 contests in all,inviting professional musical fireworks displaying companies from different countries and regions to take part in and being held in Pudong Century Park of Shanghai in the evening of September 30th , October 3rd ,October 6th  respectively( two contests in each night), about 50,000 on-site and off-site audience in each night.

    Over the past years, degree of internationalizaiton and social influence of Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival have been enhanced rapidly, over 30 excellent teams from approximately 20 countries and regions such as China, America, Canada, Argentina, Britain,France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Swiss, Sweden, Japan, korea,Australia have taken part in the competitions.Since 2011, Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival has added new chinese fireworks products championship and formed the competition pattern one chinese team versus five foreign teams in 6 contests. Our goal is to strive to make Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival become the professional competition with first-class level in international fireworks industry and take the leading position in Asia,what’s more, develop into the international platform in exchange of information about fireworks industry at home and abroad, mutual beneficial cooperation, and spread of fireworks culture. 

    The 13th Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival,2012 will be held on schedule, we will invite 5 foreign companies to take part in this competition, we are looking forward to your participation.( The deadline for registration: February 15th,2012)


If you want to enter for the competition, the requirements:’

1、Professional musical fireworks displaying company with qualification approved by local authority.

2、The technicians are capable of independently laying out music and fireworks products, and operating on the scene.

3、Company has taken part in the musical fireworks competition world famous, and got the ranking.

 (That Chinese fireworks company recommend foreign partnership is welcomed)

If you take part in the competition,the followings are provided:

1、The design fee for laying out musical fireworks ( time for layout is about 20 minutes and mainly with your country’s music)

2、Round-trip flight tickets for totally no more than 5 technicians and board and lodging fee in Shanghai (no more than 6 days).

3、The fireworks products you wanted ( if you use special fireworks products your company manufactures,we will buy them and bear the transportation fee).

4、If you win the prize, you will get bonus and trophy.

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