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a set of confetti party popper machinery
confetti party popper  paper tube parallel rolling cs-9 1200mm machine
Catalog:a set of confetti party popper machinery
Specifications:tube length 1200mm
Contain:tube ID 45mm
Describe:YOVON PAPER TUBE ROLLING MACHINE CS-9 TYPE TUBE MAKING MACHINE (FULL-AUTO) 1. DETAIL MESSAGE: full-auto paper tube making machine for fireworks. it can roll (full-auto) glue and cut tube and drop out tube on one machine. It needn’t pump. The machine is used for producing parallel paper tube and then cut it into short tubes automatically. It consists of paper stand, gluing device (automatic cycle system with diaphragm pump), auto-water-adding system, paper cutting device, tube forming, tube-cutting and discharging device. The machine is equipped PLC screen and step motor send paper with machine. 2. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Technical parameters CS-9 A type Number of roll paper 3-10 layer Tube ID 30mm -75 mm tube thickness 1-6 mm Applicable paper gram 180-380gsm Max. Paper tube length 1200mm Roll core mold fixed Three claws chuck Winding head 2 rolls of belts Cutting tube mode Single circular knife cutting Glue way Single sides operation 1 person Paper delivery speed 15-20 sheets/min Speed control transducer Applicable glue white glue/Tapioca starch glue Input power 6*1.1KW/380V/50HZ/3phases weight 1000 kg Main frame size 2200×2500×1400mm



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